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Dispute Resolution Specialists, founded in 1993 by R. Michael Kasperzak, Jr. is dedicated to offering its clients the highest quality dispute resolution services at a value consistent with the philosophy of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation, the most flexible and popular of the firm's services gives people and businesses the opportunity to resolve a dispute in a confidential, cost effective and collaborative manner. The firm brings parties together to create a "win-win" solution rather than engaging in an adversarial, costly and time consuming legal proceeding. Mediations are conducted at a location convenient to the parties.


  $175 per hour. Small Case Rate in cases under $15,000.
  $250 per hour. Landlord / Tenant Matters per 4-hour session.
  $325 per hour all other cases .
  Competitive rates available outside of San Francisco Bay Area.
  No administrative set-up fee.
  No charge for travel time.
  Mediations are scheduled at a location convenient to the parties.
  There are no travel expenses for cases within the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

  2-hour minimum charge for mediations within San Francisco Bay Area
  4-hour minimum charge for mediations outside San Francisco Bay Area.


5% 15, Net 30.
(A 5% discount when paid within 15 days of invoicing.)

Above subject to change.

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